Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF/ the lottery

Well I'm sure glad its Friday. Its been a long week at work and I'm ready to do nothing important. A lot of people are at United Blood in Richmond this weekend, but I couldn't really afford to take the time off work and go since I'm saving for Texas. I'm assuming it will be a quiet weekend.

Well the country is a buzz with Mega Millions hitting a record breaking $640 million dollars. Now we are suckers in Massachusetts and spend the most of our income on the lottery, I am totally one of those suckers. I play the lottery almost everyday and have only won money on scratch tickets, but for a dollar or two I'm willing to try to win the bigger games.
Fingers crossed


  1. Shane and I spent 20 bucks on mega million tickets this week. As my mom said "we're not greedy, we're desperate"

    1. I'd give you a million if I won :) Fingers crossed