Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last weekend was busy! + Walking Dead rant

On Friday after work I rushed home and then headed out to get Brett at the airport. Once his plane landed we headed to Cambridge for the Rival Mob show at the Democracy center. The show was pretty fun, every band was really good except for the 2nd one. After the show Brett, Garvey, Mike, Kara, Erin, Cody and I headed to Regina's in Allston for $1 slices of pizza. I hate when places make you order a drink for the cheap food, I only drink water so its always a pain for me. We dropped Brett off at Pearse's house then we headed back to Stoughton.
Saturday morning Kara and Cody got to my house then us four headed to get Jesse in Providence. Then we were off the Casino!

Ah the free chocolate coins!

Sunday I met up with Stephen, Brad, Cody, Kara and Erin to walk around and get some lunch. We went to four burgers in Central Sq. then walked over to Harvard sq. after. It was so nice out!

I even got to wear shorts!

Well then night time came and The Walking Dead finale started...........
First off, how funny and true is this?!

Well I was ready for all hell to break loose on the farm and I was interesting how they were going to do this. First of all Hershels shot gun has unlimited ammo I think? I don't know if he ever reloaded haha. Jimmy why didn't you drive away when they were on the roof?! YOU FOOL! I liked how they showed that the walkers were following the helicopter, because at the end of last episode I did't understand why there were so many in the woods right near the farm. Then there should have been more knives and axe killing. The girls except for Andrea were so useless and could have been killing. LORI.......shut the hell up! She makes every scene that she is in so annoying. Maggie and Glenn are pretty awesome and I have nothing bad to say about them. Poor Andrea getting left behind... even though she saved Carol. LOL at Daryl riding around on this bike that is loud as hell and none of them followed them to the highway? WHY DID TDOG JUST NOT DO A THREE POINT TURN?! I think I was laughing my ass off when he did this wide ass uturn into that ditch, I didn't that that POS truck was going to make it out of it back on the highway.
Rick was being such a bitch on the highway and it was so annoying, Carl is such a bad actor that its also hard to watch. It was cool watching Andrea kick so much ass in the woods by herself and I was just waiting for it to happen.... then it happened.......MICHONNE!!!!!!!!!!! YES! I was so excited to finally see her in the show and I can't wait to have her in the show, because they need someone with a backbone in this god damn group.

At least Mad men is back so I don't have to get mad at the Walking Dead until Oct.

I love treats...
Mini eggs and Suncups

It has been really nice out lately.


  1. I saw all the pics everyone was posting and I was wondering what you guys were up to! Looks like fun!

    1. It was a lot of fun! I wish I was rich so I could go to the casino every weekend.

  2. Dave was jealous. He wants to go to the casino!