Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Gloucester adventure from a couple weeks ago

Well... my blogging app on my phone wasn't working so I kind of lost my easy way of getting pictures to my computer. I finally deleted it and reapplied it so TA DA now it works.

A couple Saturdays ago Garvey and I headed to Gloucester for a day adventure. We wanted to go record shopping and I wanted to poke around the shops on Main St.
We decided to stop at the Candy House and it smelled so wonderful in there, I got a couple of candies and Garvey got a chocolate covered twinkee. Gloucester is pretty so I took a picture of next to the candy store.

Our first stop was Mystery Train record store. I didn't have a ton of luck when looking through the LPs, I decided to tackle the 45s. After digging I found a couple of gems and I just couldn't dig anymore.

We walked around and stopped in a couple of shops and I actually found a cute bracelet along our travels. Its been so nice out here, but that day it was SO WINDY. I was being pushed by the wind and it was hard to walk at times.
We were starving and we were close to Woodmans so we decided to head over to Essex for lunch.


  1. it's 2012, we better hangout this year.

  2. Your blog always makes me so hungry!

    1. I think food might be what my life circles around. :P

  3. yay adventures! I want to go there soon.