Friday, May 25, 2012

Lately pictures and links

My mom and I at trivia last tuesday, I'm so much happier now that trivia is at Cheng Du!

Garvey and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last Friday night.

A couple of pictures I tried to take during Cock Sparrer

Target makes the best rainbow sherbet EVER!

Bridget got me piggy tissues!

I found a cadbury egg

Last night I got to have a slush puppie! I love them so much, I made Pete gardein and a burrito for me.


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Lynn Karamanian

Some of my recent Tee Till Death links:

Cheap Sacred love BIN
One King Down BIN
Stick Together hats stick together on eBay
Righteous Jams hoodie
Career Suicide beachware
Everybody wants some, I want some too!
Still ringing around the Madball
Free Spirit in gray
A couple of Dio Black Sabbaths
Backtrack on my back


  1. I really want to go to another trivia night. They are sooo much fun. I havent found one in our neck of the woods yet they are all in sf that i know of. Hope you had fun! Is baseball over for you?

  2. Nope! We've had four games so far and play until the end of July.