Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend catch up and Mad men thoughts

Well Friday night the rain held out and my game happened. We won, but sadly I blew out my knees in the 3rd inning. I sat for the rest of the game, but after naproxen and rest I am back to life somehow. After the game we headed to the Cathay Center to hang. I forgot how tired I get on Friday nights and once 11 hit I was really feeling it. I got home a little before 12 and was so happy to go to sleep.

Saturday I was up pretty early and I headed to Lynn to hang with Caitlin, Dave and the beb. We had a pretty great day and I rediscovered Moon Shoes at the Salvation Army near their house. Ellie is the happiest and cutest baby ever, I love hanging out with her. They needed to go food shopping so I tagged along and pushed the cart. The Whole Foods near them has the most samples ever! I love going there with them, because I end up eating so much.
We headed back to their place and waited for Chris to come over. We had a couple of failed attempts at going to the beach, but we ending up finding a cool place to hang out and they took lots of cute pictures of and with Ellie. I even got behind the camera for a bit to snap some cute family photos for them. If Caitlin posts any I'll link you over to there so you can see them.
It was getting late to we headed back to Lynn and ate and hung out until bed time. It ending up being a sleep over.

Sunday we hung out for a bit and then we headed to SOWA to visit Roxy's Grilled Cheese. It was really warm out so SOWA was super busy and packed. We walked around and said hi to Sam at the truck and we also saw Zac. I ended up getting a piggy bank really cheap at the vintage market indoors there.
We headed back to the truck to get our lunch and it was delish as usual. Getting to see Mike and James was nice too!
I headed home after eating and then I gathered my Mothers Day items. My Mom wanted a cupcake and scratch tickets. I also surprised her with a Roxy's shirt, she was so excited. She also won a few bucks on the tickets I got her so it was a win win!
Well then it turned into night time and I watched my shows, Army Wives and Mad men. I don't really talk about Army Wives on here, because I know no one really cares. It was a good episode though and probably one of my favorites so far this season. I've been watching it since the beginning so I'm committed.

Mad Men thoughts:
It seems that with Megan leaving the company that Don finally steps up to get work done. Even though you can tell he is threatened by Ginsbergs ideas he still knows they are good. Hopefully he will step back up to be great at work like he used to.
Leaving Ginsbergs idea in the cab forced Don to sell that idea and make him feel better.
I didn't have too much thoughts on Megan and her friend running lines. Megan has to realize that since she married into money that her struggling friends would think of her differently.
I hate Jane and I always have. I'm always just so annoyed with her gold digging ways, I don't care if her and Roger actually liked eachother at one point. WAH the rich apartment I'm in reminds me of you so buy me a new one. WAH the new apartment you just got me now reminds me of you wah wah wah. Cry me a river spoiled brat.
I'm surprised that Peggy reacted the way she did when she found out Roger wanted Ginsberg to work on the wine campain. She should know more than anyone that it is every man for themself and she has fought hard enough.
If Betty HAS to be in the show I'm glad that the reason for being fat is because she hates Don. When she ran up to get the kids and seeing Megan change, she was so jealous of her being thin and pretty. The redi whip scene was so good and funny, I love how much of a failure that she is, I really dislike her. I was really intrigued to see that weight watchers meetings have been around that long and that she was getting this BS motivation yapping from it.
The family tree thing was so great and horrible at the same time. To see Betty poisioning Sally and then Sally becoming just like her Mother, a rotten bitch out to hurt Don and Megan. Megan dealt with the situation the best she could I believe, but Don handled it great. Then Sally throwing it back in Betty's face as if it was no big deal at all was just so awesome. Betty lying to her husband and family at the table during Thanksgiving and then trying to savor that one forkful of stuffing.
SO good

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  1. cool pig! Best find. I have more pictures of you from that day I have to send you