Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Halfway through the week

Well its only Wednesday, this week is just creeping by. Its been really rainy here and I'm supposed to have a softball game tonight. As of right now it hasn't been cancelled, but who knows what will happen between now and 8. Today, Friday and Monday I have games and they are all at the field that I dislike, so hopefully I can play well.
Cock Sparrer is in 10 days and I'm really excited about that! And then the first weekend in June I'll be in Austin. THANK GOD IT IS ALMOST HERE. I've been so antsy waiting for May/June to come.

Here is a picture of a macaroni and cheese lunch I had with Mike.

Here is a picture of me with baby Ellie. I kind of hate my smile, but shes just so cute so I like the picture. I love baby Ellie, today I saw a picture of her a little Underdog shirt and I almost died.

Here are some of my newest Tee Till Death listings:
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To buy it now or to not buy it now
Morrissey BIN
Hellhammering your way through this night
This might be a first
Foundation last year
Morgadoooo, where are you?
Gloomy weather Righteous Jams
The raw warm life
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Gorilla Biscuits wallet
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I went to a brawl and....
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Reverse Cock Sparrer

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