Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sitting around at home

Well the past few days have been pretty rainy and gross. Last night I made Pete dinner and we didn't do anything exciting, but tonight we are going to go out to eat and bowl. We have been bowling a lot lately (Garvey too) and we are really trying to raise our averages. At Westgate lanes during the week if you bowl after 9 its half price so we usually do that during the week.

This weekend is going to be very fun! Friday night I'm heading to Providence for this show:

I get to see Mitch again, his band is Sacred Love. I'm so excited that I get to hang out with him :) Last time that they played here I wasn't home.

Saturday I'm taking an early bus to NYC so I can see Killing time & Suburban Scum.

I get to hang out with Becky all day so I'm so excited. I haven't seen her since August and it wasn't for very long :(
I'm taking a really late bus back home and then Sunday Pete and I are going to go see Martha Marcy May Marlene! I'm not a huge movie person, but I want to see this one.

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