Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well its Wednesday and I wish this week would go by a little bit quicker.
At this point I'm going to assume if you watch The Walking Dead you've seen the mid-season finale already. This season went by so slow and I'm bummed that they were at the farm for a whole 5 episodes (plus more to come in the second half of the season). The unlikable characters keep getting more unlikeable and I'm pretty irked with what happened with the Sophia incident. Now I will wait months to go back to being mad with every episode, I hope they leave the farm in that first episode back.

This Saturday I'm going to NYC to meet up with Joanna! We are getting tattooed by Mike Adams and Marina Inoue. Its also going to be a birthday celebration for Joanna so of course we are going to get yummy food and treats. I'm taking a 7am bus to NYC and the 11:10 bus home. I'm really excited to hang out and get tattooed!


  1. Love The Walking Dead! I think I liked this season more than mos people I know, though it definitely wasn't as good or suspenseful as last season. I enjoyed the farm characters - I think Maggie the farm girl is just too cute. I keep hoping they'll just kill Hershel but if that doesn't happen I'm at least hoping for a nervous breakdown. The search for the little girl did go on way too long for it to just end with her as a barn walker.

    Excited for you to get tattooed! I feel like I've had the itch for months but all my money keeps getting spent on boring old necessities. :)

  2. I have a lot of friends that read the comic so they tell me things are really different from the story.

    Ya I've been waiting to get tattooed for months so I've been saving separately for a while now. I can't wait!! :)

  3. I wish I could get tattooed! Have fun and give Joanna a bday hug for me!