Saturday, November 26, 2011

The past week (Image heavy)

Last Friday my mom came home from Newport, RI. She brought me home a cupcake from Cupcake Charlies and I was excited to try it, because I have heard so much about their treats. I had an Oreo one and it was OKAY. I felt there was way too much frosting on the cupcake and then there was a filling, so I give it a 5.
Saturday morning my mom dropped off Garvey and I at South Station and I headed over to the bus station for my bus to NYC. The Megabus with the mega rude people! I got to NYC and Becky met up with me and we walked around a lot. When we were in Chelsea Market I saw Ted Allen!
We went to Hill Country BBQ for late lunch/early dinner and I got brisket w/ mac & cheese and corn bread. It was REALLY good and I could eat that mac & cheese forever. They only used cheddar and it was perfectly sharp and they burnt it on top just a bit. I love when mac & cheese is simple and not overwhelmed with a ton of cheeses. Becky is vegetarian, she got sweet potatoes and the mac & cheese. She also got a Big Red soda, but we will overlook that, hahaha.
After that we headed towards the show (we were going to see Killing Time and Suburban Scum at the Gramercy Theater) we made a few stops along the way to look at some stores.
I was able to take a couple pictures of Killing Time with my phone, but where I was standing on the side of the stage was kind of a weird angle. I didn't like the venue at all though. Hardcore shows shouldn't have a barricade, there was pretty much no lights on at all, weird movie seats in the back.
After the show I walked back to the Megabus terminal and waited for my bus. I was lucky enough to get a table seat and no one next to me! Yipee!
Pete picked me up at 6am when I got back in (what a sweetie!).

Thanksgiving night Garvey, Pete, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. The Best Buy line was next to us through the window and it was wild. My mom and Brenda actually stood in line at Walmart and now we have a working tv!

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  1. What a great couple of days! Yea taking buses can really suck. I find that people are a lot nicer on trains for reason. Thst cupcake looks really good and so does that pizza! Cheese is always my favorite. Glad you had a great thanksgiving!!