Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby shower!

Sunday was Caitlin's baby shower and it was a lot of fun!
I stole these pictures from her blog, Dave took some pictures during the party.

Pete and I picked up Garvey and we headed over to Lynn. We got there early and started to set up and get all of the food out.

Caitlin and I hard at work.... Pete is on the couch reading ;)

Some pictures of the food
I made the cupcakes, Caitlin made some awesome vegan bruschetta and a vegan fruit dip, Dave made his "famous" guacamole. If you look at the apples you can see how nicely Garvey cut and arranged them.

It was a great group of about 10 people and Dorie was there too! She played lots of games with us and she helped Caitlin open her gifts.
Caitlin got a ton of great gifts and it was so exciting to see all of them.


  1. the shower was awesome! Thank you for planing everything for us! I need to post a picture of the blanket you made us, I love it!

  2. so sweet. did you play the poopy diaper game? hehe that one always gets me!

  3. I had a game where people guessed how many jellybeans were in a bottle. Dorie had her own games that she played with us. I was always intrigued by that diaper game though.