Sunday, February 27, 2011


im so excited to have my friend alena do this feature! shes also the first girl!

Alena L., St. Louis, Missouri

tell me about the shirt!:
This is the men's 'Elvis' shirt.

why is it important to you?:
This is the first band shirt that I have bought in AT LEAST 8 years and I just wanted to support this band because I absolutely love them. Musically and especially lyrically. I love/relate to pretty much everything OWTH has done, but the album 'In Desolation' could have been written from my own head. As "depressing" as I've been told that is - to me it's not. Seeing/hearing this band live always makes me feel incredibly stoked and like I have no care in the fucking world -nothing else gives me that feeling.

where did you get it?:
I picked this shirt up when I saw them here at Pop's [across the river in IL technically].

any story you want to share about it?
The only story I really have about this shirt kind of ties into what I wrote above about why it's important. When I saw them here it was last minute & in the midst of a lot of personal chaos going on in my life. I didn't know OWTH was even playing here until the day of, when a friend sent me a text asking if I was going. Had this been any other band I would not have gone, no matter how much I wanted to, because I was physically ill and mentally had checked out. Literally 2 days prior to this I told my husband "I really need to see Off With Their Heads again" [because of whatever it is they stir up inside me] and then BAM they happened to be playing here and I would have missed it had it not been for my friend Matt.

I pushed through the physical sickness and mentally was just so happy they were playing I didn't care or think about anything else. I admit, I am normally a pretty insecure person and tend to not really "go all out" for bands but this night I lost my shit up front, singing along to every song, throwing my arms/hands in the air, was punching/pounding the shit out of the stage and not only did I not give a fuck about looking ridiculous, I also was just oblivious that anyone else was in that venue with me. I felt my age the next day though when I was bruised and my arms were sore as shit hahaha. It was a night I won't forget and I'm really thankful that this band is around.

this is off with their heads facebook

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