Saturday, February 5, 2011

escape from stoughton

last night me and harry went to monster golf its a glow in the dark mini golf place. its so awesome!

i won 64 to 69, but it was no easy task. we also played a car game and some air hockey.
we went to dougs work(boston tea stop), but he wasnt there. we got some funny ice cream things, i guess they are called mochi. it was like ice cream trapped inside of a huge jelly bean, the orange one was my favorite.

it was a fun night!

today im going to get food with stef and garvey!

pink floyd coasters i got for christmas last year!

** this reminds me! caitlin,dave needs to trade me this shirt for his YL!***


  1. harry got some kind of tea drink, but i just drank water because im a plain wimp.

  2. inside glow in the dark golf?! I want to go!

  3. It's a chain!!! There's a bunch of them

  4. webster is the closest one to you