Saturday, February 19, 2011

challenge x5 bed time.

life of agony UGLY shirt.

well im sitting in bed now. here are pictures from the nights adventure

i picked up mike after i kind of awoke from my anxiety coma and we heading to harvard sq for this show:

it was hot and fairly smelly per usual and i was getting tired quick because it was just not my day.

after we left the show me and mike got burritos at felipes! its my favorite burrito place. they have my favorite refried beans and if i choose to get chicken they have the kind i like that doesnt look gross. i got cheese, but i shouldnt have. its always a serious decision i have to make when getting a burrito.

my loveliest matt finally gave me the cookies hes had for me. i was so excited, hes the best!

lemon chalet girl scout cookies are the best kind ever!!! i wish we had them in this part of the country. DAMN MASSACHUSETTS.

after felipes i dropped mike off and headed home.


  1. aww Matt <3
    I dropped Dorie off at 730 and it was so packed around there. I didn't understand how that many people were going to fit in there

  2. aw i wish i could have seen you and said hi for a minute. now that i think about i though we got there at 8.