Saturday, February 12, 2011

why is that plate so small?!

this week: i finally found the oomph to sit and write.
monday i went bowling with my boss and 2 people i work with, it feels great to beat the crap out of them since i cant flip everyone off in real life. winning bowling will have to do.
tuesdays i have bellydance so that consumes my night
wednesday me and mike got burritos and jarritos at annas, his strawberry had more points than my pineapple... what the heck!?

thursday i was kind of out of it and my joints hurt a lot so i watched ncis all night

last night me and harry went to charlies and the movies in harvard sq. WELL... we order our food from an odd waiter with some space age note pad thing. harry gets his salad and....

it is served on the smallest plate ive ever seen!!!! how are you really supposed to even eat off that (i guess being allergic to it saved me from that one)
we eat our food and head to the movies and we saw No Strings Attached with natalie portman and ashton kutcher. it was pretty funny at times, but painfully hard to watch at others. regardless i had a good time that night. what night isnt good when youre with a great person, movie theater snacks, and cheeseburgers.
note: there was a guys night out group behind us...

this picture is also missing my sweater, jacket, scarf , and boots. it was so cold out last night!!! stupid winter in massachusetts

its now saturday morning and i somehow found the energy and care to do some laundry!

this show is happening tonight:


  1. you have no idea how much happier i am now!!

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  3. man, i wish i looked that good in a shirt cut into a tank top! that reminds me, my band did a crown or thorns cover, it was awful haha.

  4. i would support the cover regardless of quality!! hahah
    and im sure youd look fine