Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's almost Friday!

Well I'm still alive.
My softball team has been doing good and we are finally doing better at 5-4.
Saturday morning me and Garvey went to the opening of the new buffalo wild wings in danvers. We got there around 6 and I didn't sleep.

I was totally in the 20s or 30s, but so many people cut line!

All that matters is that we were in the first 100.
We walked around a bit after and headed back to garveys for weird on and off naps and freeze pops

My three favorite flavors together! What luck!
Then we headed off for 80s night at Boston bowl.
2 dollar strings and 80 cent food/sodas! Yes please!

I took a secret action shot.

Then we stopped at mikes for a bit, but I needed sleep.

Sunday me and my mom got cupcakes at treat

Orange frosting mmmm!

The next day I got another cupcake at ivys.
My sweet teeth

They jipped me though with no cream in the middle.

Tuesday me and erick went bowling at olindys in Quincy. We bowled okay, the pins didn't have a lot of action.

Slush puppies!

We got dinner at la Paloma

And dessert at the dairy freeze

Mine was really good! I love orange flavor. Rainbow sprinkles are a must for any ice cream.
After the ice cream I was super sleepy though. Long night!

Yesterday after work I made a bracelet for heather, but I dropped it outside :( I headed out to Worcester and ate at Shiraz with heather. I got lehmejune and lamb kabob with Armenian pilaf. MMMMMM it was so good.

I only ate half so I could save the rest for lunch :D
After gossiping and eating we headed next door. We had to watch not funny comedians. Ugh it was so boring and miserable. Then our friend dan played acoustic guitar. He covered the cars!
I stayed out way past my bedtime and I'm so sleepy at work right now.


  1. glad to hear your team is going great! what an improvement! yay! what a delicous looking weekend you had! you always know how to make a girl hungry and i just ate! hehehe, when i am in your neck of the woods lady you gotta take me out and show me a yummy time!


  2. ya eating is my biggest hobby i think! haha
    and caitlin i was hoping you were home so we could hang :/

  3. Haha these are like all my favorite things! Nice to find someone else who is into SLUSH PUPPIES! Yeay!

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