Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This weekend was pretty good.
Friday night we lost our softball game so I won't touch base on that.

Saturday I was pretty lazy and did nothing until I hung out with mark. We got cupcakes at treat in needham

I got the tiger cupcake which was orange & chocolate cake swirled with buttercream and jimmies.
It was so good!!!

Mark got a red velvet one. Treat makes my favorite red velvet.

We went bowling In Norwood. I bowled okay, at least I got a 108 my second game.

Exciting action shot

Marks big shoes

I liked the alley a lot! I've never been there before and it was pretty cheap and awesome.

The next day we got salt bagels at cafe & fresh bagel. They were so good and we got the last two.

Later that day I went to a belly dancing show in Cranston, RI.

It was an awesome show!

A print a got! Elisabeth Clark had a table set up!

Then I went home


  1. cupcakes & bowling...what a great weekend!! i need more velvet cupcakes in my life!


  2. red velvet is always a safe bet! and caitlin we can go sometimes