Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chocolate making

Last night I went on an adventure to find frames. I totally failed and bought candy making supplies. I finally decided to try making my own version of suncups.

For the recipe I used this one as a guide

Pretty much all you need is
2 cups confectionary sugar
1 1/2 cups of sunbutter

I ended up just needing to use my hands. The spoon didn't work.

It was just like the middle of a Reese.

Then I melted the chocolate in the microwave.

Then I did the first layer of chocolate, popped them in the freezer. Put some of the filling in, covered it in chocolate, then back into the freezer.

Thank god for the pretzel box

Then I popped them out of the mold!

My mom sampled the first one

They were awesome!

The end!


  1. Pretty! For a girl who once hated peanut butter, nothing sounds better right now - definitely at the top of my to-make list! :)

  2. ya im sure using PB would work the same!

  3. how fun! i have never made chocolate before and you added peanut butter so it was more like a reeses pieces! so cool!


  4. yay! I'm glad they came out so good