Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well it all started out okay...

Well after returning another machine because I was unsure of myself I went out and bought another sewing machine yesterday.
Ann's fabics and sewing machines is a few buildings over from my work so I headed over there after I got out. I went in and talking to the woman working there explaining how I had no experience at all and I was interesting in learning how to sew.
She brought me over to the beginner machines and lets say they were not the $13,000 machines. Well I tried one out by Baby Lock and it was pretty easy when I was sewing. In my mind I wasn't so scared of the actual sewing part, but the whole setting up the machine is what I was scared of. Well after talking it over with me she told me I could do it and I bought a machine.
I ended up with the Baby Lock Anna, she was trying to tell me that I would outgrow this machine, but still stood by my choice. I have the experience of ZERO so I figured I was okay.

Later that night I tried setting it up and I can't even wind the bobbin, after having a meltdown I gave up. I will be going back to the store today after work to try to have them teach me how to wind the bobbin.


  1. yay you got a sewing machine! so so awesome! yea have them teach you, that is the best thing you can do. once you get that down your confidence will grow and it just take practice practice practice. have an idea what you are gonna sew first?

  2. I hope you can get it tonight! If not we need to hangout with weekend!

  3. You'll figure it out! This past Summer I basically had a crybaby meltdown as my grandma, who was in town visiting from South Carolina and has been a seamstress in a factory most of her life, was teaching me to sew. I had no experience other than a term of home ec in the 5th grade and she was trying to teach me to cut out and read a patter and to sew a pleated top out of silky material on my first ever go - and all I wanted to do was to make a pillow or something small! I can definitely relate to your troubles! I'm sure the people at the store will be great help.

    You should see if there are any community education sewing classes where you live - a few of my friends have taken them, they're quite in expensive and came away able to sew all sorts of things - plus they really enjoyed the classes! Good luck!

  4. CB- I'm hoping just to make some shirts smaller and little projects.

    Caitlin- we should hang this weekend!

    Caroline- I've had meltdowns already so I hope I can pick up on it. I've looked for some classes, but there isnt cheap ones :(