Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines day chatter

Well Valentines day is usually on a work day and I think every year the two ladies I work with get roses delivered for them in the office. Now I'm always a little jealous, but then I think.... why would I want roses? I don't really care about taking care of them, and I'm not crazy about the smell of flowers. I love how flowers look though.
Then I was thinking....if I ever got something this is what I would want instead of flowers.

S'mores bouquet (who would want flowers when you can have marshmallow goodness?!)

Sweet Lydias makes these and they are a local Massachusetts company

cookie cakes are always cute and so many places do them

This one happens to be made by cookies by design

There is a local cupcake place near me called Treat, I talk about them a bunch. On Facebook I saw they were doing Valentine cupcakes. Those would be cute too!

Well there ya go, my idea of cute ideas that arnt flowers.


  1. i love those ideas! maybe youll get lucky and get one of those next week ;)

  2. cookie cakes are the BEST! when i left my first realy job many many many years ago, they bought me one as a going away present, it was pretty awesome!

    1. so good! My friends and I made one with a pig on it a yera or two ago.

  3. Mmn cookie cake! I still need to go to this cupcake place