Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday adventure (image heavy)

July 27th, I'm very late on posting!

Went to work and it went by so slow!

This is the card my mom got me, even though I picked it out.

Me and Caitlin at the friendly toast. A group of us went (Caitlin, Dave, Julia, pete, Garvey, and I).

That weekend pete, Garvey, and I went to six flags, Mohegan sun, and the cromags show in Ct.

The lines were so short!

Me in a box.

We got a hotel after six flags and we went in the pool and went to buffalo wild wings.

Proof that I went into water.

I love bww!

Steps on how to make coffee:

Ta da!

I didn't take any pictures at the casino. I usually forget about my phone while I'm there, because you can't take it out at the tables.

At the el n gee they had "the wall" painted on the wall.

It was a really long day!

Here are some pictures from castle island

The end!


  1. so cute! I'm glad you had fun!

  2. yes now i get to look forward to this weekend! i will protect your seating and will not let anyone f with you!

  3. looks like you had so much fun! happy birthday sweetie!! i would love to go to six flags soon <3

  4. you went to disney! im so jealous