Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday night

Last night after work Pete and I headed over to the British Beer Company for dinner! I finally tried something new! I got the New England Pasty, it was like a mini pot pie thing stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It also came with veggies, potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce on the side. It was so yummy! The waitress also sneaked me a warm chocolate chip cookie at the end and it was perfect.

After that we headed across the street to Monster Golf. It was such a close game, I won by 2! Once we were done there it wasn't very late so we decided to go to the movies. I wanted to see the help and Pete said he didn't mind seeing it so off we went.

I thought it was a pretty good movie and had some super funny parts. I don't know if I would see it again though, because it was so long.


  1. sounds like a pretty dope friday night!

  2. that pasty sounds amazing! need to find a place around here that makes them!

  3. ya the place is very novelty british. Im sure if you can find a place like that they might have it!