Sunday, July 24, 2011

little hands

This weekend went by quickly per usual. Friday night I ate zacks pizza (my favorite!)

So perfect and yummy!

This weekend was so hot! In the 90s/100s and going outside was like being hit with a heat wave. Me and pete went to the mall in natick to escape the heat.
Look at this apple pie gum!!!

It actually tasted like apple pie!

Today me and stef got hot dogs from the new england hot dog company and s'mores desserts today!

im in love with this ring from tiffanys! im not much a jewelry person, but its so cute! i went to 2 stores this weekend and they dont carry my size because its so small :( when i told the 2nd store i needed a 4 1/2 she looked like she just wanted to laugh at me.


  1. That s'mores dessert looks sooo good! Yum! That ring is super cute too! Maybe order it on like? They should be able to size it for you too!


  2. i know they make my size, but id have to order it and im a weirdo about ordering expensive things. i like instant happiness and cant wait for mail.