Friday, October 1, 2010


this wednesday i started belly dancing at ancient art studios in berkley, MA. its about 35 minutes from my house and the ride wasnt too bad. It was very intense compared to the other classes i used to take, which is exactly what i wanted. I really want to perform again and become a great dancer.
joining the class earned us a 10 dollar coupon in the studios store. i finally bit the bullet and bought a beautiful top and matching hip scarf. One step closer to a great performing costume. the top i had before was kind of a practice one.

this is the print on the hip scarf. it matches the top.

thursday is a day that i have been waiting for months for. seeing roger waters perform the wall. i bought my ticket on may 17th.
i drove into the city in horrible traffic and eventually met up with garvey for pizza at reginas. a lot of people in reginas were also going to the show.
this was before the show and showing how close i was to the stage.

then it all started.

while playing mother there was a video projected of roger singing the song 20 years ago. he sang along to the video and it was so wonderful. it was a really great thing to do

throughout the whole part 1 they were building a wall on stage. by the time the intermission came the wall was built. the guy who was next to me also came alone. after chatting with him and the boy in front of me i asked him to take a picture of me so i had some kind of memory of me being there. he saw pink floyd in the 80s which is cool.

he sang hey you behind the wall so i didnt take any pictures.

then the part came that i was waiting for.... THE FLYING PIGGY! i took so many pictures haha

then the wall was broken down.

a picture of my goodie bag/ shirt. i also got a poster, but i havent unrolled it yet


  1. I love your hip scarf! So pretty. I'm glad you had fun lastnight :)

  2. ya someday hopefully i can perform in my costume