Saturday, October 16, 2010

ive got too much time on my hands

so ive been so behind on updating, im the worst! im gonna try to do a little update

this was me yesterday
shirt- thrift
sweater- marshalls
jeans- levis
necklace- nordstroms

yesterday i went to the outlets with my mom and then out to boston to eat with a friend. i was in bed early

here are some pictures from the last week because im horrible.

this is from last weekend (saturday) when becky came to visit and we were at the fair eating chocolate covered marshmallows

this is me and becky in a horrible clothing store

this is the highest score ive ever gotten with becky in the background

wall with piggies

new band on my swatch... GLITTERRRRR

outfit for secret adventure

dress- fred perry
vest- \m/

italian ice mike and ikes MMMM