Sunday, October 3, 2010

memory lane on a boring sunday

here are a couple pictures i found while bored sitting on the couch today. when you see these you can see that my childhood revolved around... cars, harley davidson, and the dragway.

this is me in front of my dads chevelle in the driveway

this is me with an easter bunny. if i had to take a guess what mall this was taken at i would guess brockton

this is a picture of me on my dads sportster in front of my nanas house in randolph.

this is a picture of my mom holding me. she pretty much looks exactly the same and i told her today that those sunglasses are in style now

this is a picture of me holding a toy dragster. have you ever wanted something so badly then once you got it, it was ruined. i wanted one of these so badly and when i finally got one my little brother broke it days later. IM STILL BITTER.


  1. your mom is awesome! i see where your style comes from, LOVE it!