Sunday, October 3, 2010

fried pickle report

friday night i decided i was going to go to marshalls to visit bridget from work and see if there was any good deals to be had.
i got some michael kors flats on sale and some tights.
i made my way over to five guys across the parking lot to eat some dinner waiting for my mom.
me and my mom went to target and i picked up another little plastic stacked drawers thingy. it didnt really help with my clutter at all so it was kind of a fail.
friday night i couldnt sleep at all.

saturday was triple b show and i decided i was going to go if caitlin and garvey were going. i was grouchy.
me and garvey got chick fil a before the show.
it was very hot and draining inside.

me and caitlin went outside for a bit for a little air.

after the show stef, garvey, and i went to hooters for dinner.
ive heard that hooters is known for their fried pickles and since they are a love of mine i needed to try them

i didnt like them really. the batter was too thick and had no flavor at all. and they charged me for a little cup of crappy ranch. i ended up using ketchup... oof
i give them a 4 out of 10.

after that me and garvey went bowling as were stuck next to the worst people EVER

today has been a lazy day and i made nachos.

jacket fred perry
shirt target
skirt gap
socks target
boots marshalls

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