Saturday, September 4, 2010

mommy and me

well ill start off yesterday AFTER work, because WORK STINKS.
ill start off with my outfit, i asked my mom to shows her too since she was so proud of the deals she got at marshalls!

shirt- fred perry
shorts- true religion cut offs
shirt- seven for all mankind
jeans- levis

after that we went to ikea(my mom works there) we were looking for something to control some of my clutter, but no luck. so after that we moved onto the christmas tree shop(unsure if they are everywhere, but they rule!)
i got crab chips, because they are the best!

we also got caramel tootsie roll pops.
after sitting home for a while, i went to go meet up with garvey. after driving around for a while we went to janas new apartment. we hung out there for a couple hours then decided we needed food. we went to wing it.

i got teriyaki and garvey got jamaican jerk and plain. they gave us so much nasty celery (at least im allergic and have a good excuse to hate it!)
me and garvey also had a root beer war.

his a&w vs. my mug
as long as it wasnt barqs or whatever... barf.
after that it was late and i drove him home. i was starting to get really tired then, BUT THEN... a block of black sabbath, ac/dc, and george thorogood came on the radio and kept me awake until i got home!!!
then i had a bunch of stupid nightmares, now im awake waiting for plans to fall on my lap