Sunday, September 19, 2010

casino into overtired

friday night we went to the casino for mikes birthday!

shirt- harley davidson shirt from the 80s
sweatshirt- gap
bag- le sportsac
pants- levis
necklace- nordstrom

we walked around a lot! we ate at a crappy buffet and saw a ton of gross people. someone was even sleeping against the wall. we ended up staying super late, but i was up 15$. i didnt put 50 on red though... mike and garvey did though so at least someone did.
we stayed at mikes after driving home and woke up and went to go watch the arsenal game. it was a tie and it was stressful to watch.
after we went to go meet up with caitlin to go play mini golf

i think this was the best way to describe me yesterday. i was exhausted and was about to pass out at any moment.
we ate, went to ritas, watched matilda and eventually went home.

im still tired


  1. yes half of the greatness that is that movie

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