Thursday, September 2, 2010

mall adventure

tuesday night me and garvey went bowling and i did really well and bowled a 106.
yesterday i did laundry and threw away a little bit of stuff

today i decided i wanted to go to the mall so i asked my mom to go with me.
i got a bb dakota skirt for 19.99
i got these cute shoes at nordstrom for 25.99 on sale!
nordstrom is the best because they carry womans shoe sizes UNDER 6!!!

i love them!

i also went to godiva.
tried the new red velvet truffle... i give it a 7/10. there was no cream cheese flavor in it and i feel like it really needed it.

im so glad they brought back the caramel apple truffle. it was wonderful per usual. i cant wait until the end of the season so i can buy a whole bag of them for 9.99

i also got a tube of these key lime truffle gems... ONLY FOR 6.99!!! godivas key lime truffle is one of my favorites

im in bed and im too lazy to do more laundry. oh well


  1. ahh how can there be no cream cheese flavor in something thats "red velvet"! thanks for letting me know they have these (the caramel apple sounds bomb too), i will definitely be hitting up the mall this weekend!

  2. its white chocolate on the outside, but it should be half cream cheese in the middle like the carrot cake truffle (my mom got that one)