Wednesday, September 15, 2010

laundry day

Today at work I decided I was going to just try to stay in and do some much needed laundry. I basically live on a pile of laundry and decided i need to clear a better path for me to walk on.
As I was digging out stuff I took out my NEW lava lamp, I set it up next to my old dead one. Its not as good :(
My mom picked me up after her work out and we went to the new five guys in canton. I got a little hamburger with mushrooms and extra A-1. MMMMMMM

shirt- pink floyd
jacket- fred perry
jeans- levis

I'm now laying around again with my second load of laundry in the wash and the first in the dryer. I want to do at least 3 or 4 loads tonight.


  1. :( that sucks your lava lamp isn't as good

  2. they dont make them like they used to hahaha!

  3. sorry about your lava lamp, that is no bueno!
    when the mister and i first met he totally lived in a laundry pile which we deemed it the "bum pile" and one day he was pushing it aside his "bum pile" and his cat ran out meowing, it was pretty funny!

    have a great day sweetie!


  4. if i had a pet i could totally see that happening haha