Thursday, September 19, 2013

The hunt

Well within my shirt collection I collect certain bands, but then there are bands that its pretty hard to make a collection of. For years now I've been trying to find a good Stevie ray Vaughan shirt. I also won't spend a ton on shirts, ideally I'd like to spend under 20, but I will spend around 30 without a fuss.

This shirt was a great find for me, there were so many great things about it. It almost made years of searching feel worth it. 

I'm not picky when it comes to sizes for my collection. I'm very small so I know every shirt won't fit me. The popular "one size fits all" was super popular in the late 80s and most of all of the 90s. Something about baggy clothing has translated to mean the 90s, no matter what genre of music you were a fan of. 

The great things about this shirt:
It actually fits me
It was reasonably priced
Supporting one of the greatest records

SRV is one of the greatest musicians/guitar players ever. 

It's should be a lesson to us all to not fly in helicopters. 

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