Wednesday, September 11, 2013

August part 2

I tried to do this post twice, but my phone messed up somehow.

Once coming home from Philly settled, it was time for Joanna and Shane to visit for their anniversary. After picking them up from the bus we grabbed breakfast at cabots. They got to check in early, which was great, off to marshfield we went.

The fair is always great, I can't wait until topsfield next month.

The next day we went bowling and walked around castle island, it was so nice outside.

The next weekend was super jam packed for Saturday. I woke up early to head to my cousin Lisa's bridal shower. It was really great to see them and to get excited about the wedding this month. I finally found a maxi dress that was short enough for me. I was posted up with aunt sue for most of it.
After that I headed back into the city to see Caitlin and Ellie for a bit.

Having ice cream brings everyone together!

Once they were back on the road mike Garvey and I headed for food and sheer terror.

Heres a couple of awful pictures I took. I got to hang out with a bunch of people so that was great. I wish they would play all of my favorite songs though.

The next morning was not so fun moving mike.

In the last weekend of August I managed to get tattooed by Franz again!

I don't really take pictures of anything so here's this one I stole from him.

Hello September


  1. Glad we got to see you but I'm so bummed we missed the fair!

    1. maybe you guys can find a random reason to visit during topsfield! at least I get to see you guys at disney though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1