Thursday, July 7, 2011


well yes im alive over here, but ive been so uninspired lately and i didnt want to be a debbie downer on the blog. i havent done too much in the past couple weeks. we've been winning our games in softball and i was also voted to be in the allstar game which was nice, thats on the 16th.
here is a picture that barb's husband rick caught of me when he was blackberry picture taking at our game on tuesday.

yesterday i went mini golfing with pete after work! i lost pretty bad though, i never win playing mini golf!
i actually took a picture of my outfit that morning

im hoping today will knock me out of my blogging funk


  1. you look so great in that last picture sweetie! oh i wish i lived near you so that i could go to your games and cheer you on! i love watching baseball! glad to hear you ladies are doing well!!


  2. thanks! it would be good having some fans at our games :)

  3. I went mini golfing last Friday and got walloped by the 10 year old I watch!

    All of the houses we drove by when we visited a few weeks ago were so pretty - you're lucky to live out there! Utah is nice and all, but it's so relatively new that unless you're in very specific parts of downtown, all the houses look just the same. I was so bummed we missed out on actually visiting Boston, it sounds like such a neat city :)

  4. im usually good at other things, but mini golf i just cant be the champion of. youll have to travel back sometime and visit the city!