Monday, November 22, 2010

just another raw deal

original killing time longsleeve

work was super busy and cold today, i can tell its the start of the busy non stop season and i hope i get the 2nd job at newbury comics for the holiday season. last night i did a lot of laundry and im slowly realizing that i might just have to throw out and donate stuff because im getting so overwhelmed.
i went to five below with my mom today and i got some laffy taffy and then we went grocery shopping and i got some turkey pepperoni.

i hope this week goes by fast because i have thursday off for thanksgiving.

"no more mr. nice guy"

"happy hour"


  1. i hope you get that second job, so we can nerd out about comics.

  2. they dont have a lot of comics, but they have some! its like records and music and novelty crap