Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving/////sick of it all

harley davidson shirt i stole from my dad from the 80s.
so this has been me most of the day today except for the few hours i was out for thanksgiving.
after eating me and my little cousin grace colored many wonderful items out of the coloring book she allowed me to use haha.
here are my works of art from today

after that and a my little pony picture my arm was about to fall off.

sick of it all- the blood & the sweat

this album with the first hardcore cd i ever bought. i bought it used at strawberries in canton when i was 13 i believe.
the reason i posted a sick of it all song is because i wore a SOIA zip up today to my aunts. also this record has a ton of memories for me and im thankful for sick of it all.


  1. Awesome coloring! I wish certain kids would share with me while they color!

  2. i was lucky enough to be allowed to use the holiday coloring book