Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this is a review i did for the atlanta youth report a couple months ago

review for killing time's new record Three Steps Back. i just wanted to put it on here so i wouldnt lose it forever!

so ive never written a review before so here it goes :)
so this actually took me days to do and i didnt realize how hard it
was to write a review. hahah i dont know any musical terms and i just
tried to describe it in the best way i could. i just love killing time
so much and wish i could make it the best thing ever.

After about 14 years New York's Killing Time is back with another full
length album and no one is more excited than I am. The album is very
simple, yet so perfect. Every song is around the 2 minute mark and
each song hits you right from the beginning to the end. Anthony's
voice doesn't sounds like it has aged at all, and you just want to
sing along to every song. For all the people that say they only like
Brightside, shut up and listen to this album.

Flight Plan- Slaps you right in the face with the drums and guitar.
You just cant help but sing along to this song and play air guitar in
your room. Who doesnt love to yell "fuck them" then followed with a

Spaceheater- This was the first song off the new album I heard when
they started to play some newer songs and put some samples up online.
This was also my favorite song out of the newer ones. A perfect mix of
slower parts and faster parts. "Dont close your eyes or you might
think you're dead"

24- Now when I first heard this song I wasn't in love with it, but
I've come more around it. I cant really relate to the lyrics, but the
song has a fun poppy punk feel to it. The fast energy in this song
mixes things up a bit.

Cropduster- This song first hits you with a faster punk guitar part,
but soon goes into anthony's voice hitting you with the perfect amount
of aggressive style. This song also has a punk feel to it, but then
breaks it up with strong vocals and a harder music part.

Mingus- The lyrics are awesome, this song has a way more mature feel.
This song is a really nice break in the album from the harder hitting
songs. Anthony's vocals bring a hard punch, while the guitar carries
you through the song. I can see some people being a little thrown off
by this song, but it rules.

The Accident- The song starts off with you instantly bobbing your
head. Its so catchy and has the perfect mix of sing along, hard parts,
and poppy parts. The song ends with the chant "we've all been
searching through the wreckage"

Rope-A-Dope- This song has a very old school hardcore punk style. I
feel like the drums lead you through this song, but the vocals give a
good intensity. I feel like the older guys will groove to this.

Inheritance- Now this song has an interesting feel to it, another song
that kind of slows it down a bit. I hope to see KT play this song in
the future!

Half Empty- Now this song rules so much! A fast song to get everyone
going and singing along. The guitar comes in at the most perfect times
in this song. in my opinion this is the best sing along song on the
album and the song rules live.

Lookout- This is a fun song and i feel like it displays everyone
playing so well. This song is pretty short and sweet.

Crouch- Now after listening to this song so much it has quickly became
one of my favorites. " I took two steps forward, you took three steps
back. Dont be a pussy boy, pick up your slack." I can get into this
song so much. honorable mention to the awesome guitar part in this
song also.

AKB- Well they saved the best for last (in my opinion of course ;P).
The moment I heard this song it was my favorite. From the music to the
lyrics the song just gives me the best feeling. Once you think the
song is over, its not.



  1. Hell yeah for Atlanta Youth Report.

  2. yes!!!
    pick up a copy at TIH with an interview i did