Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dook Truck: No More Mr. Nice Guy

friday night i had a bad softball game then me, graham, garvey, and stef went to kellys in allston for some yummys. after eating there we went to boston bowl to bowl...duh. i guess it was prom night in dorchester or something haha, so many prom dresses and guys in matching suits. the second game we played i was so tired, but i won. then i went to bed.

i wore this outfit yesterday to the show (its actually an old picture from a year ago, but its the same outfit so whatever!!!) :P

i wore this shirt because it was originally a killing time show, but they had to cancel. so i was in mourning :( and i usually wear killing time shirts anyway!!
i actually have 2 of these shirts, one is resized a little (the one in the picture) and i kept one normal, incase someone wants to trade me something i dont have.

i met up with meredith at the watertown mall. then we + chris went to spikes. and the creepy guy came in as we were finishing (hes probably reading this)
then we were off to haverhill. mer and mor have the kookiest gps and it sent them some funky way. so i made it like 25 minutes before them.
THE SHOW WAS HOT INSIDE... so hot i stole some of heathers slush..... but at least i told her.
new lows was good and mark is the best!
the fake wrongside covered no more mr nice guy and it made me happy... it was for me because i was sad.

here is the video that peter/his girlfriend took. you can see me in it! and mer looking like an angel in the back :)

then after sitting around the show outside until everyone dried off a little me, garvey, mer, and mor went to super walmart in salem NH. we got stuff, then went to sonic in wilmington. mer and mor got so many french toast sticks!
then we all went home.

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