Saturday, March 20, 2010

thursday night i went to the mall with stef! i tried the new godiva cheesecake truffle and it was awesome. i was in the mood to look at dresses and when we went into stores nothing jumped out. BOO.friday night i spend the whole night in, it sucked.

This is the first rival mob shirt. they had them at this is hardcore last year. i got 2 because i planned to make one into a tank top. IM LAZY. maybe ill trade one someday.

well i really wanted to find someone to resize some of my shirts. im sad caitlin lives far from me now, we used to hang and resize shirts. it bums me out in general that we live far from eachother.
today me and stef decided that we were going to get pizza. it was so nice out today (70!) she picked me up and we went to target. i got the popcorn and soda deal for 1.50! i also got a candy bar, but it melted before i finished it... ick. then we headed over to the mall... again. we are losers hahaha, but stef needed to go back! i got more truffles at godiva. i wish i could own all of the cheesecake ones in the world. ALSO.... the mall was so packed today, like christmas shopping packed... HELLO PEOPLE.... ITS 70 DEGREES OUT... DOOOO SOMETHING BETTER THAN HANG AT THE MALL ALL DAY.
after we headed over to zacks pizza and its my favorite so i was prett
y happy.
after sitting around my house for a while after stef dropped me off my mom decided that we needed food. we went to whole foods in dedham and ate some gross food... ick. then we walked around legacy place. i went into some store named francesca's collections and i fell in love with so many dresses and i ended up buying one. the store was as if threw up on it. it ruled and it was so much cheaper.

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