Sunday, March 14, 2010

right now im lounging in bed watching tool academy. this show is so horrible, but im so glad there are idiots like this out in the world. someone has to make us generic boring people look awesome.
on Friday night me and my mom got some chinese food and rented the stepfather on demand. it was pretty obvious of what would happen every scene, but the movie still irked me. im not one for scary movies at all. then i stayed up late playing games on
saturday my mom, my cousin sara, her son matty and me went to our cousins baby shower in franklin. it was nice seeing people i havent seen in about 15 years. then i went to jeremeys, we went to smokey bones.

So i was thinking about getting a netflix subscription, and just renting a ton of tv shows.

so my friend stan sent me this raw deal shirt ( i didnt have it in red) he rules so much! everyone check out the atlanta youth report zine.

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