Friday, February 19, 2010

well ive been kinda sick the past couple days. this is the first time in the last couple days ive been able to sit and think.
this killing time shirt came with my THREE STEPS BACK preorder. the new album came out on feb 9th on dead city records . i really advise you to pick up a copy if you havent yet. i think everyone that knows me knows that killing time is a band that is really close to my heart. from collecting their merch to singing along at their shows, this band just means so much to me.

everyone please pick up killing times new album

tonight i enjoyed some pizzeria regina with garvey and jen. then me and garvey went cosmic bowling at boston bowl. pretty good night. i also got to see caitlin for a bit, its so nice to see her.

i should really get some sleep tonight


  1. Hey, if you're using a macbook webcam there is an option to make it so the pictures won't be backwards. It's under "edit>auto flip new photos"

  2. i didnt even notice it was backwards... damnit