Tuesday, February 16, 2010

so i was at work eating a smores poptart (the best kind) and i was thinking about how much toaster strudel and poptarts fight in commercials.

poptarts are clearly the winner in the fight. the only thing toaster strudels have going on is that they have frosting packets. when you toast them you can burn them and the middle will still be cold. the only situation where i would choose them would be if i only had the brown sugar poptars ( I HATE THOSE).

work is pretty slow today, i just want lunch time to come so i can eat my smokey bones leftovers and cheez its.

im hoping to sell some clothes on craigslist so i can pay for my new car insurance. F PEOPLE WHO SUCK ON CRAIGSLIST.

i might just give up and list some stuff on ebay.

im so upset all you can eat wings has gone up to 5.99 from 3.99, it just makes me want to eat pizza later today.

music- david bowie, the man who sold the world