Tuesday, February 23, 2010

now i have been on the hunt for a raw deal shirt for some time. ive been emailing people who had them begging them to sell, after a long time... someone finally sold one to me :). when i got this shirt in the mail i seriously hugged it and jumped up and down like i won the lottery. my mom goes... geesh we know what can actually make you happy (im generally a grumpy person). this almost put a temporary cherry on top of my killing time collection. of course my collection will never really be done, but it made me feel pretty happy and complete at that moment. ( all i need is the mastodon shirt ;) )

this is my hows your edge list, it has my killing time/raw deal collection. its been a long work in process and im fairly happy with it. i always wish i had more though. so if anyone actually reads my blog and if you have something i dont have... sell it to me or trade me it!

i could actually write about my love for killing time or killing time shirts forever, but ill try to limit the love for other posts with other shirts.

today is tuesday, which is food night. i know today is free pancake day at ihop

i dont even like pancakes really, but free is free! im still upset about all you can eat wings, how can you go up 2 dollars in 1 week?! they dont even ease you into the heartbreak.
bridget bought me lunch today, who says satanists arnt good people!? rice and chicken is probably the best meal ever. karrie also surprised me with a skybar when she went to the store... today is a good day free food wise :)

i need to remind myself to buy my united blood ticket, heather texted me today and kind of reminded me. shes lovely. im excited to go this year, last year i had to miss it so i skipped a year. i kind of wanted to fly, but driving with stef, garv, and jess should be a fun time. im probably going to try to sleep a good amount of the time though so i dont hate my life monday morning at work.


  1. i'm super jealous of your collection. and the pancakes.