Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello again

Well I've been missing for quite a while. I started a new medicine for my fibromyalgia a little over a week ago and its really kicking my ass. I haven't been able to do much so this update won't be very long either.
Here are the tattoos I got done in the beginning of the month in NYC.

done by Mike Adams

these little guys were done by Marina Inoue

Caitlin finally had little Ellie last Thursday and I've got to see her twice now. Shes so cute and perfect, I love her!


  1. your tattoo's look great! you two look adorable together. hope you medicine stops kicking your ass soon and evens out.

  2. Love your new tattoos - especially the latter!

    That photo of you with your friend's little baby is so sweet :) I feel like I have oodles of pregnant friends right now and I am so happy for each of them! I can't wait to meet all those cute little ones.

    Hope you feel better and your medicine starts working with less ass kicking soon!

  3. she told me she loves her auntie lynn!