Monday, October 10, 2011

Wakefield bowladrome

This was a new alley for Garvey and I. This place was awesome and goes into my top candlepin alleys.
We walk into the alley and it was pretty big and really clean. There were two other groups bowling and everyone was really having a fun time.
It was 16/ hour and that's a good price. Garvey and I can bowl quickly and we were expecting to get at least 3 games in. The guy that worked there was so friendly and it's a nice change to deal with friendly people.
I bowled an 85,95,101, and 102.
I can't wait to go back


  1. wow... that is right near where i grew up! many a school vacation day or field trip were spent there. next time you feel like going there let me know!

  2. ya we were at garveys and just picked a close by alley we've never been to before. i want to go back though! we will plan a trip

  3. i really want to go candlepining with you!

  4. whenever you can make it to new england i will take you!