Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I'm happy the holiday season is pretty much over. I've been on a big gym kick which is good, I'm determined to get back to pre all you can eat pizza days. 

It's so tacky when you scroll through your Internet world and everyone is like here is my 700 gifts I got. Not everyone is that lucky and some people struggle with lots of things. Today I am excited to scope out the mall for sales though, get myself a couple of things on clearance. 

Not too much going on in my world, other than I have a small trip to Richmond planned for January. Going to visit Stan and Rachel for a couple of days and forget about MA and life.

Who can forget the A-Team reunion though, I'm a very happy camper for that.

I bought this salt recently which was exciting. I'm a salt addict.

Bring on 2014

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