Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New to me alley : Central Lanes in East Boston

Well Garvey and I have been talking about checking this place out forever. After an acquired living social deal for blackstrap BBQ in Winthrop we decided it was time to finally go.
We called and there was a busy signal so we decided to drive by on the way back. The place was dark and the locals were hanging inside, we were the only ones bowling for a while, but it was a super cool place.

Well all of a sudden music was blaring on the touch tunes and I honestly felt like I was in an 80s movie (aka my dream).

The pins had pretty good action and they were reasonably priced. Soon a couple came in and the sounds of pins flying were pretty loud. After 3 strings we decided to head out. I bowled my best game in a while with a 106.

I'm very up and down when I bowl. Dumb pain and being tired.

Hopefully we will be back in the future!

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  1. That bowling alley looks rad! I swear, bowling must be a much bigger thing back east - there are a few alleys even just in my parents' tiny hometown in South Carolina and when Devon and I took a trip to D.C. it seemed like there were way more bowling places than out here in Utah.

    I'm dying to go soon - most of my friends aren't really into it or are down for one round but then get distracted/bored or sore and ready to quit. Soon though!