Friday, July 13, 2012

July blah blah

Well its almost halfway through July so I figured I would get a post in. A couple weekends ago Garvey, Mike and I went to Hampton beach. I got a sunburn on top of my suburn so obviously I'm not the smartest burn cookie in the batch. We met up with a few friends and hung out at the white trash riviera for a few hours. Needless to say I was happy to get out of NH and head back to MA. Mike really wanted Ritas so we decided that we would head there. They didn't have a ton of flavors and it was near closing so I decided that blue would do. After that we had some smores at Garveys and then I dropped everyone off and headed home.
The next day was a big day for me, I was going to see The Wall again and this time it was at Fenway. After driving around for god knows how long I finally found a parking spot and Garvey, Mike and I headed to the Lower Depths for food pre show. We were cutting it close for time, but I was able to get my two hot dogs and eat them quickly and then I scooted over to Fenway. Thankfully I was home around 12 and didn't miss too much sleep.
Having the fourth of july in the middle of the week seriously messed me up. I was so out of it the whole week.
That Friday I headed to Harvard Sq. after work for the Boston Strangler/Waste Management show at the Democracy Center, kudos to Tim for doing the show. It was so hot that I felt so gross that I can't even explain it. I did get to get a burrito at Felipes and get some ice cream at JP Licks with Garvey and Kara before the show, I had a coupon for a free sundae so that was nice. After the show we went to Spikes.
Saturday night my friends band Suburban Scum was playing Haverhill so I made the trek to see them.
Sunday I met up with those guys in Boston and had lunch before they went back to NJ. After lunch Garvey met up with me and then I got Mike and then we were off to buy Cheerwine. After the outlets we got pizza at fake Reginas and it was so good. I think I've drank a Cheerwine bottle everyday this week.
Wedneday was the 11th so I headed off after work to get my free mini Slurpees! I got three, only because there are only three 7 elevens near me.

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