Monday, April 30, 2012

Mad men thoughts

Well I have to say that this weeks Mad men was probably my favorite episode so far this season.

I was so happy to see that Glenn has popped back into the show more and that he and Sally are talking while he is at some kind of boarding school. I'm so glad that they are just barely showing Betty, because she looks pregnant... she doesnt look fat. Trying to pull off that story is just hard to watch, so I'm glad that they are focusing on Sally. I feel that shes a much better character than Betty and I'd rather watch her.
So after Pauline trips on the phone cord and breaks her ankle Sally takes charge and possibly proves to Pauline that she isn't a little brat.
Megans parents are kind of hard to watch, but I feel for her Dad, he seems like a sad soul. Her Mom seems like a desperate floozy so I guess its easy to feel for her Dad. Even though hes a jerk that think Megan fell into wealth instead of being an equal part at work. I'm torn ugh.
I wish that Joan was in more of the episode even though her storyline wasn't really being touched on, I just like her so much and she should always be around the office.
I kind of forgot that living together before getting married was a big deal then, when Abe asked Peggy to move in together I thought it was a big let down for her. Peggy deserves so much and barely gets anything. Abe annoys me a lot of the time, but as the show goes by I don't dislike him as much.
Megan is so bright and I feel bad that she will never be more than Dons wife in most of the peoples eyes at the office, but I guess thats what you get for marrying him after a week.
I keep getting excited that Larisa Oleynik has a job in the 2000s. Seeing her for a minute every episode is pretty cool and I hope that her career will get a boost from the show.
Sally going to the award ceremony was a big deal and I kind of hope that Sally will be more involved with Dons life. I know she wishes that she lived with him and Megan so maybe it will be baby steps. It was pretty awesome that she tried the fish even though she hates fish, just because she was at the event.

The city is dirty

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  1. i loved seeing more of sally too! and it prolly was so fun for her to act with roger and the other actors she doesnt normally get to do scenes with. she looked so cute in her dress.