Sunday, May 30, 2010

so today im supposed to be hanging out with caitlin later! ill have to step up my game with my outfit!
im laying in bed watching tv and i can feel that its hot out by my level of stuffiness. hello allergy medicine.

so.... ive been dreaming of owning this dress and after weeks of seeing it on sale and online i finally went into nordstrom and ordered it. i wore it to my friend julias birthday party friday night. its free people.

well i still remember the day where my raw deal shirt came in the mail. i was jumping up and down like i won the lottery and my mom was like... so this is what can make you happy.
yesterday consisted of.. going out to smokey bones with my mom, going to the mall, watching college softball, laying around sad all day, visiting garvey while he sells shirts, yelling at karl for being an absent friend, going to the new kelly's in allston , people watching, going to sonic in wilmington, dropping garvey off, singing to music so loud in my car because i was going to fall asleep if i didnt.
i wore my fred perry harrington jacket, raw deal shirt, true religion cut off shorts, and my crocs.

i love pretzel m &ms. ive probably eaten 15 bags in the past week

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